Hair Transplant Before After Photos: Cuenca, Ecuador

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Every patient is different and the stategy for each procedure is unique. One patient might have a large area to cover but they have unusually dense thick donor hair so one procedure is enough. Another patient may have thin fine hair so two procedures are required for a finished look. You can be confident that whatever your situation is, Dr. Reyes will create a restoration strategy that will be just right for you.

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Hair Plug Correction

This patient was in desperate need of hair transplant corrective surgery. He had received an old style doll plug hair transplant many years ago with a different doctor. Before advancements in hair restoration, doctors used to use hair grafts that were too large and spread too far apart. This caused a doll plug look much like what you would see in a toy doll. Now with the advances in hair restoration, these old style surgeries can not only be corrected but the results can look completely natural and undetectable.
patient 108 front before Before
patient 108 front after After
patient 108 left before Before
patient 108 left after After
patient 108 right before Before
patient 108 right after After

Norwood Class 7

This doesn't even look like the same man. His thick donor hair was a big plus which contributed to his remarkable results. Dr. Reyes gave him back a natural hairline and was able to cover the balding area all the way to the back. A hair transplant can only restore about 50% of the original hair density but the strategic placement of transplanted hair gives you the illusion that you once again have a full head of hair.
patient 106 front before Before
patient 106 front after After
patient 106 tilt before Before
patient 106 tilt after After
patient 106 right before Before
patient 106 right after After
patient 106 left before Before
patient 106 left after After

Norwood Class 4a

With a hair transplant, this patient shaved of at least 10 years from his appearance. This much needed hair transplant was enough to give him back his hairline and elliminate his balding appearance.
patient 107 front before Before
patient 107 front after After
patient 107 left before Before
patient 107 left after After
patient 107 right before Before
patient 107 right after After

Young Man Too Young for Hair Loss

This young man was not ready to look old. That's why he decided to have a procedure with Dr. Reyes. By getting a hair transplant, he was able to achieve a much neater more natural appearance that is age appropriate. Now he no longer has to feel self conscious about his thinning hair.
patient 109 front before Before
patient 109 front after After
patient 109 left before Before
patient 109 left after After
patient 109 right before Before
patient 109 right after After
patient 109 tilt before Before
patient 109 tilt after After

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