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How Much does a Hair Transplant Cost?

Because every patient is completely different, it is impossible to place a set price on a hair transplant. Some patients may just need a small amount of hair in their temporal peaks while others may be completely bald. Some patients may prefer FUE which takes twice as long while others opt for Open Donor to get more hair.

Factors that Affect Your Hair Transplant

  • Age of the patient
  • Gender
  • Genetic history
  • Hair color
  • Hair density
  • Hair texture
  • Scalp elasticity
  • Size of the head
  • Type of hair loss
  • Area of hair loss
  • Extent of hair loss
  • Skin color
  • Patient diseases
  • and even patient habits such as smoking or drinking

It is inaccurate and unfair to charge the patient by the graft because each graft contains a different number of hairs. For example, some patients have less density meaning less hairs per follicle. Some patients may need more "one hair grafts" because the frontal hairline is broader. With all of the factors that affect your hair transplant it's appropriate to first have a consultation to determine what a fair price will be. With that said, we feel it's valuable to know what our price range is and rest assured once we give you a price it will not change on the day of your procedure. Prices at Centro Medico Capilar generally range from:

$2000 - $4000
Also, please note that there are no hidden costs at all for such things as anesthesia or pain medications. REQUEST A CONSULTATION NOW so you can get your hair back!
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